Our founder breathes life into her creations by hand-carving each piece in wax and crafting them from sterling silver, a magical metal with a strong connection to the moon.


Our art is hand-carved and each piece has a story, a sense of special positive energy that comes from something deeper..

Fos Collection

About Us

Aniw was inspired by Ancient Greece and the story of being the light in history.

Aniw Vlachaki as a child was a worried living soul that start painting at the age of 4 and the same time try to fix everything with her hands. You see that she was affected from her father because he is a mechanic engineer and so try to do the same! But this was the beginning because her grandfather was a sculptor and the influence was to a greate extent. Passing the years Aniw want to make the difference and try to create her own way styles from fabrics and metals. What does it means? That she experimented with a lot stages of art but jewelry was her passion! She believe that you can wear anything you like it but your jewelry tell your story! Who you are and what do you want to let others see for you. So first she studied electrical engineering but life goes you where you want to be with your hart! And after two years of her graduation from the university Aniw take the decision to study her passion so she studied fashion design and then she goes to a goldsmith school to complete her plans for her passion!

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