Aniw draws inspiration from Ancient Greece and the idea of being a guiding light throughout history. Our art is carefully hand-carved, and each piece carries a unique story and a special positive energy from within.

Let’s talk about our founder, Aniw Vlachaki. As a child, she was a thoughtful soul who began painting at just 4 years old and loved fixing things with her hands, inspired by her father, a mechanic engineer. However, her grandfather, a sculptor, had an even greater influence on her artistic journey.

As the years passed, Aniw wanted to make a difference and explore various artistic styles using fabrics and metals. She experimented with different art forms, but her true passion lied in creating jewelry. Aniw believes that jewelry is not just something you wear, but a way to express your story and personality to the world.

Initially, she pursued electrical engineering, but life led her to follow her heart. After two years of graduating from university, Aniw decided to pursue her passion. She studied fashion design and then attended a goldsmith school to fully immerse herself in her art.

And here we are today! Our founder breathes life into her creations by hand-carving each piece in wax and crafting them from sterling silver, a magical metal with a strong connection to the moon. Aniw’s art aims to create sculptures and raw shapes from silver that exude a sense of magic, something everyone can carry with them.

Silver is known to be associated with emotional intelligence, creativity, and the essence of femininity, among other qualities. It can help with releasing blockages and gaining clarity in life. That’s why Aniw primarily works with pure silver and offers gold-plated options for those who prefer it.

At Aniw, our jewelry is more than just adornment; it’s a reflection of your inner self and a source of positive energy. We hope you find a special piece that resonates with your story and brings you joy.